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24/7 Homecare

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SAFE HOMECARE | In-Home Senior Care

Our Around-the-Clock Homecare Team

Your loved ones also benefit from around-the-clock care services. If they’ve been staying with you at your home but have an upcoming vacation planned, SAFE HOMECARE’s comprehensive program will schedule an immediate around-the-clock caregiver to maintain your continuity of care and ensure there are no gaps in your daily assistance while your family is away. No matter what situation occurs, you will have someone in your home to look after you and take care of your household tasks every day.

Perhaps you’re recovering from a major surgery and require a live-in caregiver to assist you with your personal care routine such as bathing and getting in and out of bed. Our around-the-clock care will provide you with physical and emotional support throughout your recovery process.

SAFE HOMECARE’s around-the-clock care gives you on-going companionship and support every day and every evening. Whether it’s 3 in the afternoon, or 3 in the middle of the night, our comprehensive health services program will support you with compassionate and attentive assistance any time you need it. From providing medication in the evening, to assisting you with getting dressed in the morning, we will ensure you have around-the-clock home care for situations that may require close monitoring. Rest easy knowing you will always have someone by your side to attend to your needs if and when necessary.

It’s very important to us that you continue to preserve your sense of independence while having reassurance you will always have access to support and in-home care, overnight and throughout each day.


SAFE HOMECARE was founded on the idea that it is always in the best interest of the family and loved one to keep them in the comfort of their own home. A drastic change in lifestyle from their own home to a nursing home has been proven to be a difficult transition.


That's why we formed SAFE HOMECARE. Knowing that their loved one is able to live at home while having the comfort of a caregiver to keep them company.

Happy Senior Couple

We background screen all caregivers prior to working with our clients.

We provide Continuing Education information to all our employees.

We perform employee evaluations on all our caregivers.

We provide Client Satisfaction Surveys to our clients.

SAFE HOMECARE | In-Home Senior Care

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