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In-Home Companion Care

Companionship is an important aspect in a Senior's life. Contact us to schedule your Free In-Home Assessment.

SAFE HOMECARE | In-Home Senior Care

Accommodating Your Needs

For many seniors, companionship can spark their motivation to participate in everyday activities. If your loved one is living alone and your visits are limited, social interaction becomes very important to their happiness and helps prevent feelings of isolation and depression. Whether they need a little fun or maybe just help keeping house and running errands, we have you covered.

At SAFE HOMECARE, we focus on activities that bring joy, provide mental stimulation and encourage physical and emotional wellbeing. Our caregivers are in regular communities with a client's loved ones to share progress, answer questions, and simply check in by providing companion care.

Signs Your Loved One Might Benefit from Companion Care

  • They have limited social interaction

  • They have trouble maintaining a routine

  • They need help with running errands or getting to appointments

  • They need help with meal preparation

  • They forget to take the medication in a timely manner

  • They have a pet that needs to be walked

  • They need some light housekeeping


SAFE HOMECARE was founded on the idea that it is always in the best interest of the family and loved one to keep them in the comfort of their own home. A drastic change in lifestyle from their own home to a nursing home has been proven to be a difficult transition.


That's why we formed SAFE HOMECARE. Knowing that their loved one is able to live at home while having the comfort of a caregiver to keep them company.

Happy Senior Couple

We background screen all caregivers prior to working with our clients.

We provide Continuing Education information to all our employees.

We perform employee evaluations on all our caregivers.

We provide Client Satisfaction Surveys to our clients.

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SAFE HOMECARE Is Always Available.

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