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Things to Consider

Is it Time for Homecare?

Are you not sure if it's time to consider in-home care for a loved one? Take the first step by reading our survey questions to better equip yourself for such an important decision.

Are medications expired or are not being taken?


Is the house unorganized or cluttered?


Is there expired food in the house?


Is there an unpleasant odor in the house?


Does your loved one refuse to engage in socialization activities outside the home?


Does your loved one struggle with remembering days or dates?


Does your loved one have a hard time communicating?


Does your loved one sometimes forget you or family members?


Do you notice bruises or skin tears that lead you to believe they may have fallen?


Does your loved one ignore personal hygiene such as brushing their teeth, bathing/showering?


Do they often wear the same clothes every day?


Do they wear dirty clothes?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, it might be time to consider homecare for your loved one. Contact us to request more information on our services.

"I would recommend the services at SAFE HOMECARE to anyone that is struggling with care for a loved one."

- Beth S.

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